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Toli Miherinas - Wellness Coach

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Hello, I’m Toli.

I’m a San Diego health & wellness coach based in psychology, physiology and nutrition.My main goal is to work with people who want to change and improve their life to a healthier one by targeting their fitness, nutritional habits and mindset – reaching a goal of a more balanced life and mindset. I design and implement behavioral nutrition coaching and specific training programs to help you achieve your goals. I’m an unshakeable optimist dedicated to helping you live life!

As your certified Health Coach and Personal Trainer, I offer you unyielding support to help you overcome challenges and become your healthiest you. Take a look at my services and see how we can work together to achieve your health and wellness goals.

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My holistic coaching program is centered around creating your long-term, sustainable and personal wellness plan.

Services I offer


Personalized training in person or Zoom sessions that is safe, effective, and will help you meet your fitness goals.


Virtual personalized coaching that is safe, effective, and will help you meet your lifestyle & fitness goals.

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